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    type: static
    value: Please enter the YouTube video ID or Playlist ID. For example, the bolded part in this URL is the video ID: @@https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=@@**s2e0VoVJ1h4**. If it's a playlist, it would be the bold part here: @@https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkOge9JKWJM&index=1&list=@@**PLepiE_jL-e1zwvdZiJTpnWeKn08qKy9DK**
    type: static
    value: Videos should depict the map in a tasteful and accurate manner. Please avoid those with low resolution, excessive mic spam, or cheats that severely alter the gameplay. The goal is not to list every single video on YouTube, only the best ones.
    label: Video ID:
    type: text
    height: 1
    width: 80
    label: Aspect ratio:
    type: select
      1: 16x9
      2: 16x10
      3: 4x3
    default: 1

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