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Featured maps are usually special in some way, are of a reasonably high quality, and deserve extra attention.

Each time someone visits the site, 4 maps are randomly selected from this list and displayed on the front page. To give each map a reasonable chance of being seen, this list shouldn't get too long. Around 8 maps is more than enough. Please remove the "featured" tag on maps that have been here for a while and pick new maps.

To feature a map, simply tag it with featured. Again, please only select good quality and/or especially unique maps. Maps not meeting these criteria should be un-featured.

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5 / 5

2001 black-mesa conversion co-oprequired featured needs-pics secrets size:large survival walkthrough


4.9 / 5

2007 black-mesa boss conversion featured size:large walkthrough xen


4.7 / 5

2018 black-mesa conversion featured size:large survival walkthrough


5 / 5

2002 black-mesa conversion featured secrets size:large survival walkthrough

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