(Maps tagged with Abandoned)

Despite one's best intentions, some maps never get completed; they are abandoned. Even though they are not intended for play, they can still be archived on the wiki.

  • A map will be considered and tagged as abandoned if no public updates about it occur for 1 year.
  • Some media proof of development (screenshots, an incomplete .bsp, etc.) is required. Maps that died in planning and idea phase will NOT be allowed.

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4.2 / 5

2008 2009 abandoned admin-room music puzzle secrets size:small traps

Kopie von zombie_nights0035.jpg

4 / 5

2013 abandoned difficulty:hard non-linear pvp size:large zombies


3.2 / 5

2013 abandoned co-oprequired


2.4 / 5

2004 abandoned needs-info snow walkthrough


2.1 / 5

2007 abandoned fun puzzle secrets size:small walkthrough


2 / 5

2011 abandoned fun losable walkthrough xen


1.7 / 5

2000 abandoned size:small


1.4 / 5

2016 abandoned crazy fun parody size:small

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