Map Review of 2bases

Map review of 2 Bases

by Monkey-Knuckles | January 1, 2006 | 1722 characters

2Bases is a pretty good little map. Us Sven-A-Holics are usually exposed to it when we forget to choose a map from the list so we get the first alphabetical map, i.e. 2bases. It's a pleasant little surprise.

The map takes place at a fortress. You spawn into a couple battle rooms with tons of ammo and weapons. There's a ladder going down to an underground passage that leads to another battle room with more ammo and weapons.

There's also plenty of health and armour stations about to support multiple players. There really is no mission other than to defend the station and take out as many enemies as possible.

Off the main room is a ladder going up to the roof of the building where you can see most of the area around the station. You can get a bazooka up there as well as sometimes you can activate the artillery gun up there.

Wherever you go outside the building the grunts seem to detect you and attack.

This is also a good map to practice your skill on as you have plenty of weapons and chargeups and can be challenged playing single player.

It's also a good place to mano a mano with one of your friends to see who's the fastest gun in the west. The grunts in this map seem pretty intelligent. Sometimes you think you have them and all of a sudden a nade comes flying up your nose. Its an older map but it still hold up well.

The map is enjoyable and challenging and a good place to hone your skills.



Score: 8.3 / 10
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