Map Review of source-of-life

by Bluegills | September 13, 2017 | 2490 characters

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Source-of-life has an interesting concept that's executed below expectations by forcing the players to slog through long, drawn out boss fights and horde segments. Source-of-life was played with three players over the course of an hour and a half, with all players being frustrated with the amount of boredom that they were enduring due to the majority of enemies having ridiculously high health and damage on the normal difficulty.

The boss fights are drawn out from the immense size of their health without providing much danger other than the fifty life counter decreasing from the ludicrous hit-boxes. Lot's of empty areas of running back and forth not knowing what to do, only finding buttons to press without any knowledge of what they are doing or why they need to be pressed, looking out of place inside rocks and medieval buildings.

The music is really repetitive and gets old really fast, especially when it doesn't feel like it fits the current area, the final boss is the only time where their music felt fitting as an "end boss" theme, but then again it's a long slog of a rinse and repeat boss that the players just versed by constantly shooting the boss with a crossbow and attacking enemies that spawn. One boss however was more outstanding than the rest, in the fleshy area of the map series is a boss with varying attacks depending on where the players were, but one attack made the boss a nuisance with its full map wide explosions that shoot in a wave that kill all spawning players and alive players, degrading the player experience.

Completing Source-of-life wasn't an enjoyable experience, I had hoped that it got better as the maps went on, but I was disappointed in the ending, especially with the two phases of the final boss. Source-of-life has no replayability other than showing others why six second loop musics are bad choices for environmental music that cannot be disabled. I hope that the designer learns from his mistakes and feedback given from various reviewers and commentators.

4/10 - I wouldn't recommend playing without a complete rework of the map/s.


  • Custom modelled enemies and textures
  • Several custom bosses


  • Drawn out boss fights
  • Repetitive areas
  • Lots of back and forth
  • Repetitive, unfitting music
Score: 4 / 10

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