Release SC_FORUMS in 2017 Jpolito Please.

Map review of Forums

by Keen | June 12, 2017 | 1107 characters

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We should agree to release sc_forums (5 maps at least) before we die because we all die eventually i want to live to be a cyborg4over 700 years


  • its interesting
  • it is the best map series before csmg chickedn out and deleted his weird models
  • g1ls thing or that other guy had weird mapper half map and bleeding into walls null areas
  • there was a prison for banned people and such very apolitical
  • keen and hezus made various areas that were functional and archetecually sound
  • stop being a fucking pussy jpolito and put this map back on the database


  • kind of old technuqies i guess used to make levels no big deal svencoop is gameplay over grpahics
  • idk big maps that doesnt matter anymore
  • fucking release this shit stop being a pussy jpolito * i love you man im drunk please dont kill me
  • please dont kill me i love you
  • you are a cool mapper lets release this map and please dont yolo me <3
Score: 10 / 10

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