Map Review of deluge

Map review of Deluge

by D.G.F. | March 24, 2012 | 2351 characters

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Good day everyone,

"Deluge" is one of those maps you never heard about, but that has everything it require to become a future classic.

With a dark, bizarre and intriguing atmosphere. "Deluge" take place in an imaginary futuristic post-apocalyptic world. The map is quite immersive, with custom textures, models, sounds and even its own soundtrack!
The weapons are a clever blend between vintage, industrial and futuristic. Loud metallic bangs, overpowered shotgun, huge tesla cannon, etc..
And if you run out of ammunition, no worries. You can still take out your heavy metal pipe or open your way using your fists. Various new bizarre ennemies will stand on your way to stop you, giant cockroaches will desperately attempt to escape your feet. You can't find the time to get bored playing this map.

Talking of gameplay; "Deluge" is a great mark of affection to the golden age of First Person Shooters. Or Quake-Likes as they used to be called back in the 90's.
While the map purposely lacks puzzles, it offers this classic walkthrough gameplay that was present in Doom. Basically, you want to press buttons and find keys that will open you the way to the next area, and so on.
Another wink to the old time shooters, the map is filled with secret areas. And half the weaponry has to be unlocked by discovering secret buttons hidden around the numberous rooms.

The map offers two difficulty modes: "Easy" and "Hard". While the easy mode can be beaten in 20 minutes, you've got limited lives in the hard mode, and the ennemies becomes thougher.
If you're a treasure hunter, you will most likely find your happiness in "Deluge". The map has an endscreen showing a couple of achievements that can be unlocked by completing a few tasks. All of this giving the map a good replayability.

If you're a nostalgic of the old generation shooters like me, don't miss the opportunity to play this map.

You will love it.


  • Immersive and intriguing atmosphere.
  • Large and unique weaponry.
  • Different difficulty modes.
  • Lots of secrets to discover.
  • Achievements screen.
  • Good replayability.


  • The map is short.
Score: 9 / 10

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