Map Review of sneed-s-seed-feed

by dunkelschwamm | July 28, 2022 | 2668 characters

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Sneed's Seed n' Feed is a map converted to Sven Co-op which meticulously recreates its eponymous farming supply shop from The Simpsons and holds a couple fun easter eggs.

First off, this is easily one of the most meticulously brushed maps I've seen in Goldsrc. There's lots of individually crafted store items, farm props, tiny distant details over the mountains- each with defining characteristics baked into the brush detail, like pill bottles with caps, or a pitchfork with individually brushed tines. Doors have cylindrical doorknobs, the ground outside is some of the most convincingly curved I've seen in Goldsrc- it all looks fantastic. There's even some NPCs milling about.

The map continues- upon finding a crowbar in the shop, an explosion outside creates a shockingly vaginally shaped hole in the desert sand, leading to an abandoned mines full of glittering orange crystals and a path back to a truck. The map seems like it should end at the truck, but instead players are just trapped in the segment of the map from once you jump into the desert pussy to when it poops you out next to a truck. Kinda lame progression, and the fact that the map doesn't end makes this a real problem for server rotations. I keep thinking there'll be something more, or a point to the map, but it's just a general exhibition of brushwork talent I think. Everything else is incidental.

In the shop there's a boarded door. The boards can be broken with the crowbar, and the effect of leaving the parts of the board which are nailed to the wall is a great effect. However, breaking the boards does not make the door open. We noclipped inside and found a small room with a flag which bled when attacked. I don't get it.

Worth noting that, by jumping on the head of an outdoor NPC, I was able to jump up on top of the shop and from there out of the map. Escaping the map's bounds is pretty easy and it kinda ruins everything when I do it lol.

I think this is a good map- great even. I think, as a Sven Co-op map, it's pretty pointless and has very limited application.


  • Fantastic brushwork
  • Tons of fun stuff to look at
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Incredibly realized natural environment
  • Moody, atmospheric mines
  • Fun present NPCs


  • Pretty pointless beyond looking at it
  • Can't get back after you jump in the desert pussy
  • Easy to get out of bounds
  • No end
Score: 7 / 10
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