Map Review of barney-attack

by GrandmasterJ | July 28, 2022 | 1858 characters

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This map is a room with some destructible barrels (some float in midair), some basic sandbag barricades and military crates, and Barneys. There are grenades, HEV batteries, snarks, and some ammo on the crates. After a little while the first wave of Barneys spawns in. They are not hostile and they actually can not hurt players. Snarks do not target them and are completely useless in this map. According to the comments it seems like friendly Barneys used to be able to damage players and that was changed in later versions of Sven Co-op.

It should be noted that the floor is a grate and players can see right through it. At the back of the room is a hole where players can fall to their deaths, there is also a small platform here. Landing on the platform grants access to a crossbow floating in midair under the grate. I say 'grants access' but I haven't actually made the jump and also I die because I'm jumping into a pit. That's all wrong, my teammate just started playing as I am typing this and there is an invisible platform maze granting access to the crossbow, getting the crossbow teleports the player back up top.

This is an early map for an early version of Sven. It doesn't work right and wouldn't be fun even if it did.


  • I like getting lots of supplies in maps, even if the snarks don't work
  • the crossbow maze thing was a good addition. The teleport was very considerate


  • The Barneys are broken
  • because the Barneys are broken, one of my favorite weapons, snarks, was also broken
  • some of the breakable barrels float in midair
Score: 2 / 10
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