Map Review of fox-s-island

by GrandmasterJ | June 12, 2022 | 3013 characters

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This is a map made to just hang out. There isn't much combat, no puzzles that I could find, just things to explore and fun things to look at. There are a bunch of ichthyosaurs in the water though and some barnacles under the docks so there is some combat.

The map is a very nice looking island with a small group of huts on stilts connected by walkways on stilts. There is a hot spring with a func_monitor (a feature that only works in windowed mode), a campfire which will burn you, and a stereo that needs batteries to play music all right by spawn. Across a walkway is a bar shack with a func_mirror, another feature that works only in windowed, but it sort of worked for me in fullscreen. The other shacks have a couple more func_monitors, they all point to the same place, a stage.

Out in the water there is a big rock thing, you can gain access inside to find a crowbar and a grisly campfire. There is another rock formation with lava in it that predictably kills players who jump in. There are also a few sunken boats and one non-sunken boat that is a func_vehicle on a rail and can transport a player or two round the island. At one point the path goes through a support for a hut and scraped me off into the water and a waiting ichthyosaur. Underneath the middle of the huts is a treasure chest, we broke it open and found an F. I don;t know what the did and if there are other letters I didn't find any. It's one thing playing a secret map and thinking I may have missed something, its another playing a chill hang-out map and knowing I missed something. Killing the last ichthyosaur initiated a vote to end the map.

We killed that all the ichthyosaurs with cheats. There are no weapons in the map so killing all those ichthyosaurs would have required pistol shots with resupply via suicide.

That's about it for the map. The map description says it was done in eight hours, if so that is very impressive. It's a good map that looks good too. It has some fun features I don't recall ever seeing in a map before, even if it was janky because I was not in windowed. I think it was a little light on the content for what it was trying to be, with the time constraint I can see why, but I still think it needs more to hold players' attention. I liked everything I've seen on this map, I just want more.


  • Real fun island location made very well
  • it has rarely used monitor and mirror entities and that is very fun to see
  • the sunken ships and ship design in general is very cute
  • I really like the ride around the island in the boat
  • I think the game end vote on the death of all the ickys was a good choice


  • no ammo, how are we supposed to kill anything?
  • I wish there was more to do in this map
Score: 7.5 / 10
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