Map Review of quad

Map review of Quad

by Sence | October 27, 2011 | 1403 characters

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Ok, This complex master piece of brain is created by Streamfox. Once again he delivers awesome puzzle expirences on his new map. This map is also really challenging and it requirs the most co-operativ business i have ever seen yet. Well all in all this map is pretty unique, creativ and annoying at the same time. The textures are also very good or lets say … they're atleast properly used. It could be that you don't know what to do the first time you play it.

So is this map a bunch of or is it good?

- Well i don't know while testing some people liked and some didn't. So you have to check it out yourself. I had fun just saying.

Does this map have atleast proper brushwork?

- Not really. But those textures are nice.

So is this map just running around and solving puzzles?

- Well yes, its a stream map afterall.



  • Good use of textures.
  • Complex entity systems.
  • A good challenge once you know how it works.
  • A streamfox map.
  • Nice sounds.


  • Boring brushwork. (Well at this point i have to think that the map dosn't really need it. But some more details here and there would have been cool.)
  • To confusing sometimes.
Score: 8 / 10

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