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Map review of Tetris

by Sodagod | July 29, 2011 | 1622 characters

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Ah Tetris, the classic game that made so many people become outcasts of their friends and families. Now,there is an unofficial (and sven-ish) reboot, appropriatley named, Tetris.

Let me be very clear here, the series is fun. So fun that I almost overdosed on migraine pills after getting a headache for playing it so long (obviously a joke). The best I can describe it is as Zelda-ish. Put simply, instead of new weapons, there are new enviornments. You get used to that enviornemnt, and when at the final bss fight, you use what you have learned in the most challenging version of that enviornment.

Example: Me and some friends were going through the underwater map. We learned some stuff as to how we can get it done quickly and efficiently, and shortcuts we can take (like draining the water ourselves). In the final Ichtyosaur boss fight, we were forced to use all that we learned to defeat it, and that made us feel SMART! And we had fun.

Basically, this is a great map series, but I do admit that in later areas it can be dry and you can get a sense of deja vu'.


  • Very Fun Puzzle/Walk & shoot map
  • Interesting bosses
  • Feels 'tetris-y'
  • Fun 'minigames' like: Kill Evil Otis
  • Lots of enemies are made of tetris blocks, adding to the feel of a tetris game
  • 90% of the time I encountered something new in each area


  • Can get repetitve later on
  • Some areas cn be just plain confusing
Score: 9.5 / 10

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