Map Review of ace-football

by dunkelschwamm | January 16, 2022 | 2998 characters

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ace-football is a goof-off map which takes place in a soccer field complete with an ash tray to use as the soccer ball. It's pretty simple to play. There's no automatic reset after a point is scored, and points being scored are counted in the moment only by a text notification of a team scoring a goal and nothing else. In addition to this, there is also an admin room with buttons to move brushes across the field, catching and squishing players. Player spawns are in a red or blue team locker room, so delineating teams is as easy as leaving it to spawn order.

Where this map goes somewhat off the rails is where the the stuff on TOP of that premise comes in. In the red team's locker room there's a side room full of friendly versions of normally hostile enemies; each is named and has ludicrous health. Between the spawns is a pit which teleports the players into a crateworld where seemingly unbreakable glass separates players from tantalizing rooms and pits separate players from being able to return to the field without committing suicide. Each of these glass rooms seemed to have a teleporter in them, but each of these was apparently either inactive or a sprite for demonstrating a teleport exit. If there existed any teleport entrances for those, we could not find it. In that box room is some hostile NPCs which take a while to kill, especially thanks to the map failing to provide the players with much of any kind of weapons other than a handgun with a single magazine. The player has to die several times just to fuel the requisite ammo for the war effort. All of this extra stuff is kind of weird and confusing and seems to only serve to add intrigue with no payoff.

Teetering as a map which functions as a goof-off map but somewhat detracts in its side content, I think the last thing to look at is its appearance: I have to say, I didn't like how the map looked. The lighting in each room was mostly flat and the brushwork was mostly bad. Sometimes shapes didn't line up, sometimes textures seemed aligned strangely. The secret area is entirely textured with crate textures, which is hideous.

Overall I'd say it's a pretty lackluster map. If you have a goof-off server full of time-wasting maps, I could see including this one in the list for a half-hour fmo time to time. If you're only playing with a few friends it's utterly not worth it. Overall, I think there's better maps to waste your time on.


  • The ashtray soccer is totally functional.
  • The admin room works out alright.
  • I like the idea of players spawning in separate locker rooms to determining teams


  • Everything's kinda ugly
  • The brushes are bad
  • The side content is weird and confusing and bad
Score: 4 / 10
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