Map Review of indokiina

Map review of Indokiina

by GrandmasterJ | January 9, 2022 | 2070 characters

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There are two maps here and they are completely different. Reading the map description can easily lead you to believe that the maps are similar, but they really aren't. There are some textures both maps use but that is where the similarities end.

The first map, indokiina, is a hallway with four rooms on the right side. The first has a bunch of weapons and some zombies with Gina Cross models halfway through the floor. I play as Gina myself so I immediately killed them, there can be only one after all. There was also a poorly made toilet and simple rough bathtub with and HEV suit in it. Red water was haphazardly placed around in such a way that it hovered over the floor, completely exposing the side and not matching up with patches of water next to it so the waves were different.

The other rooms were less interesting, the last room had headcrab spawners that unleashed a lot of headcrabs. That was pretty much the whole map.

The second map is a room with a ton of random objects scattered around. The floor was uneven with large cracks and raised sections. The proportions on a lot of these things were weird, there is a very big chair on one side. Check out the screenshots for this map, the bottom six are all from this random room.

The room has a bunch of zombies that do not come back after you kill them. There are random weapons scattered around the map, there is a rocket launcher on the side of the map on a ledge.

The map indojapan is supposedly a sequel to this, but I can't make any sense of how that would work. Maybe the two indokiina maps and the indojapan all being completely different maps with nothing in common, but also some sort of series is supposed to a be a big joke.


  • Lot of weapons provided to the players


  • neither map looks good, both design and textures are bad
  • utter nonsense
Score: 1 / 10

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