Map Review of hyppyriz

Map review of Hyppyriz

by dunkelschwamm | January 7, 2022 | 1893 characters

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Robootto is a mapper with many maps under his name which could be considered "test maps," "unfinished ideas," "scraps," and "absolute heaps of despair" depending on how honest you're feeling like being in the moment.

I was shocked, SHOCKED I say when I joined hyppyriz and thought that Robootto may have finally found a concept he couldn't possibly fuck up. Large ladders lead to diving boards into various pits of water of various sizes. Their individual sizes and positioning makes it so it may be a fun challenge with others on the server to attempt to aim for specific pools to dive into.

However, Robootto being Robootto, things could not stay good. The ladders do not work, so the map's conceit is utterly kaput. It's a map with nothing but ladders and pools and the ladders don't work. So, that's half of the map out of the running.

How about the pools? Well, without climbing and jumping into them they're utterly pointless. However, if you were to attempt to actually just enjoy the pools on their own, you'd find that there's invisible water all over which makes navigation bizarre and fraught with oddity.

The other player and I jumped up to the tops of the diving boards using reduced gravity and jumped down. From atop there we found another issue, in that the draw distance makes it impossible to see anything from the top of the dive. This means by the time you can attempt to aim yourself you're already at terminal velocity.

Overall an unfinished pitiful attempt at a concept I thought couldn't be screwed up. I don't recommend it under any circumstances.


  • Good idea.


  • The whole thing is broken. Why release this?
Score: 1 / 10

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