Map Review of 5-ways-to-die

by dunkelschwamm | December 4, 2021 | 1588 characters

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I'm not sure I understood the intent of this level. I think it was like, you had a coin-flip chance each room to die depending on your choice. I just happened to choose right each time and survived to the end- left, left, right, left- then you throw a grenade at a barney surrounded by trip mines, jump behind a blast shield, and the level is over. That was the extent of my experience. I believe my friend who made different choices than the ones I made as I went forward was killed by level geometry or something.

Was very short, very fast. I don't have a strong opinion about this either way. The brushwork is entirely unremarkable. I think this map probably sells itself largely on being the execution of an odd and simple concept, which I guess worked out, but made for a very short and unimpressive map.

If you have a server which has a lot of short, strange maps in its rotation, you could try throwing this one in- through it'd be low in the list if you were to ask me.


  • I guess the concept is kinda novel.
  • I liked the bit with Barney and the grenade, even if it was kinda weird


  • I just kinda walked to the end of the map and threw a grenade and won
  • No replayability
  • The concept doesn't execute in a way that's very interesting to take part in or watch unfold.
Score: 4.5 / 10
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