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2021 featured fun puzzle secrets size:large traps


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Laggy last map
w00tguy123w00tguy123 12 Jun 2021 18:32
in discussion / Map Comments » The Long Night

Good port. Only problem found was that tln_8 causes extreme network lag, making it hard to move around. You can reproduce this on a LAN server with 1 other player.

Laggy last map by w00tguy123w00tguy123, 12 Jun 2021 18:32

I made the mistake of not taking notes of what was changed since it was so trivial. You are free to switch the downloads order, or remove mine if you are not happy with it. Since it seems theres a couple of people that do not like what I attempted to do, so it can't be completed. But nothing was replaced, the original download is still linked there, I only added my extra download on top because thats what the big one repacker downloads.

Basically what has been done is the next:
- Used this to find potential file conflicts between maps (these are identically named files inside the same folders)
- Fixed the conflicts by renaming files if they were different, moving them to another folder, or replacing them (with the most up to date version between the two) if they were the same exact file in one of the maps.

Then I did the common repack practice:
- Used resguy to check for potential missing files
- Fixed wrong file paths
- Added the missing files if they could be found, otherwise I have contacted the author on occasions to get the missing file if possible
- Generated .res files
- Repacked using resguy

All of this was checked manually, I only used the tools provided by wootguy for guidance.
The idea behind it all was that the definitive Big One mappack cannot be completed because of the conflicts, and they were very tiny mistakes to fix and so few that after years of waiting I decided to simply just do it. Now, if the workshop is a thing one day perhaps this big one won't be needed, but thats a whole other mess.

EDIT: Checked what was done to this. The conflict was civilian.mdl and a missing civilian.bmp
I restored the missing file and fixed the civilian.mdl player model which was using outdated sven animations looking broken ingame if used. I then used that new civilian.mdl on all maps that used it and repacked them each respectively. Simple as that.

What is this new upload "Original (conflict fix & repack)"?

It doesn't seem good practice to replace a prime download without discussing, describing, or announcing it.


Adam Reece.

Hotfix version
kalo22kalo22 09 Jun 2021 12:22
in discussion / Map Comments » Escape

Fix the paper button which open the final door can't activate problem.

It was spawnflags 256 : touch activate, however it's bugged.
I changed it to "1".

Hotfix version by kalo22kalo22, 09 Jun 2021 12:22

Fix the problem of door to keycard which the gap player can't pass.

Hotfix version by kalo22kalo22, 09 Jun 2021 12:18

About the scripts, I didn't know that XD, but I like your idea of ​​replacing with normal models, although the idea was based on the fact that you were playing with 2 different characters with their own weapons, I will fix it right away. this problem.

Bug fixes
YamiNoGame ULTIMATUMYamiNoGame ULTIMATUM 01 Jun 2021 23:16
in discussion / Map Comments » Desastre

It turns out that the music is loud because it is like ambient music, I tried to lower the volume but nothing happened, it was still loud.

-Where there is light if it is possible to pass, there is an electrical panel where you must break to be able to deactivate the electricity.

-And finally, where the portal door is broken, the name or the life does not appear, I will fix it.

-I will try to put more quantity or put it in something that can highlight it.

-I will continue fixing the rest, if you find more errors you can let me know.

Bug fixes by YamiNoGame ULTIMATUMYamiNoGame ULTIMATUM, 01 Jun 2021 23:16

Translation for author just in case:

Traduccion del post para el autor (con algo de mi propio comentario)

Segun ruMpel (autor de Cry of Fear), prohibio el uso de su contenido fuera de su juego (con excepcion de las armas), lo podes ver en la pagina (sin embargo, el juego es de GoldSrc, viejisimo, muertisimo, abandonadisimo, y muchos ven esto como el acto de un autor celoso incluso si esta en todo su derecho, asi que por mi y los demas… nadie vio nada ;) )

Como estas usando los scripts de las armas del Cry of Fear que hicieron KernCore y D.N.I.O. 071, deberias incluir los creditos, segun la pagina
(dales credito a los muchachos, es lo que pudieron rescatar del mod del autor celoso sin que les den problemas)

Y como dice el readme (leeme) del pack de armas del Cry of Fear, no debes usar el archivo de registro de ellos, porque quien baje el mapa estaria reemplazando el archivo por defecto del plugin. En cambio, tienes que crear un archivo de registro propio para tu mapa, es decir hacer copias en otras carpetas y cambiar dentro de los scripts los modelos personalizados de las armas que quieras usar para tu mapa.
Tampoco elimines modelos del pack porque esta hecho para mostrar que armas lleva cada jugador.

Ademas, notamos que estas utilizando contenido antiguo del Counter Strike 1.6 que no funciona y no fue porteado a Sven Coop (sin embargo, hay packs de armas del CS ya porteados que podrias usar… pero… lee mas abajo mi opinion)

Ahora mi propia opinion sobre tu mapa. Si bien le pusiste mucho esmero y dedicacion, se ve, y salvo por los bugs que comente arriba que pueden ser arreglados facilmente, veo que tienes muchos problemas con todo el tema de los scripts de las armas. Quizas para no complicarte la vida deberias simplemente desecharlo y usar reemplazos de modelos, o simplemente las armas por defecto del juego y ya.

Re: Credits among other things by GarompaGarompa, 01 Jun 2021 18:35
GarompaGarompa 01 Jun 2021 18:20
in discussion / Map Comments » Desastre

Bugs (in spanish for the author):

General: la musica esta muy alta en todos los mapas, y en Desastre_1b_1a la musica es especialmente insoportable, no solo alta

- en la parte del ascensor con dos portales no hay indicacion de la escalera invisible, la gente no se da cuenta de como seguir
- te podes quedar atrapado en la piedra de la habitacion roja en -952 -227 1240
- en ese mismo lugar hay un softlock (el mapa se rompe), no hay forma de cruzar la electricidad para apretar los botones, y la puerta marron no se abre
- losable (mapa en donde podes perder) te rompen la reja del portal, nada indica la vida ni si podes repararlo, ni el objetivo

- softlock en 856 -1954 -277 puerta se abre al reves y no deja pasar a nadie, el mapa se rompe

- la coca es muuuuuy pequeña, estuvimos 10 minutos buscandola

- stuck te puedes trabar en 1957 -738 -2422 con la pared invisible

by GarompaGarompa, 01 Jun 2021 18:20

According to ruMpel (CoF's Author), usage of Cry of Fear content outside of Cry of Fear (with the exception of weapons made by Sporkeh) is prohibited, you can check it out on Gamebanana's page:

Since you're using the Weapon scripts me and D.N.I.O. 071 made, you must credit the people who made the content (scripts, sprites and weapon models included) according to our Credits section on Github:

As stated in our readme file, DO NOT USE our Register File;
DO NOT REPLACE the content we provided with the pack. If you want to use custom models you can do so by creating your OWN Register File, and changing the string paths of the specific weapon you are using to the custom one (IE.: CoFSHOTGUN::SHOTGUN_V_MODEL = "models/cof/disastre/vwm.mdl"). Do this for the weapons you're using on your map before precaching them inside your Register File;
DO NOT REMOVE models from our content, they are required in order for players to see what weapon you're wielding.

I also noticed you're using old Counter-Strike 1.6 content that does not work with the current Sven Co-op version anymore.

Credits among other things by KernCore91KernCore91, 01 Jun 2021 17:38
Re: Anti-rush is so bad.
OuterbeastOuterbeast 01 Jun 2021 15:52
in discussion / Map Comments » Instinct

When the SC dev team add a few missing features to the AngelScript API, I'll be able to easily add a feature to disable the antirush, and it will be disabled by default


Re: Anti-rush is so bad. by OuterbeastOuterbeast, 01 Jun 2021 15:52
Anti-rush is so bad.
kalo22kalo22 30 May 2021 06:21
in discussion / Map Comments » Instinct

Can you edit the anti-rush from 66% to a timer?

I can't continue playing this map when there's some situation:

1. Troller
2. AFK players.
3. Players who get lost (especially don't know where to get the longjump, and walking on a pipe)

Please, not everyone can do this map well, and anti-rush just punish good players and they have to waiting the bad players finally get to the right place.

Timer will be better for anti-rush.

Anti-rush is so bad. by kalo22kalo22, 30 May 2021 06:21
Missing model
GarompaGarompa 24 May 2021 00:28
in discussion / Map Comments » tututu

heishehui.mdl not found

Missing model by GarompaGarompa, 24 May 2021 00:28
Re: Still broken.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 21 May 2021 22:37
in discussion / Map Comments » Galleon

Filestamp 17/05/2021.

Re: Still broken. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 21 May 2021 22:37

I just checked the map, the door trigger is setup correctly and it works on my end.
I don't know why it didn't work for you. Have you restarted the level and tried again?

Doors should have opened by OuterbeastOuterbeast, 21 May 2021 10:35
SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak 21 May 2021 03:03
in discussion / Map Comments » Intolerable Threat

We didn't know what to do at the end. There was an Apache chopper chilling, we killed all the enemies, and the last door, which seemed like it could be opened, didn't budge. We got stuck, ran around for 30 minutes and got bored and gave up. A real shame, cause the other maps were decent.

by SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak, 21 May 2021 03:03
Re: Wanted HL
OuterbeastOuterbeast 20 May 2021 14:19
in discussion / SC / SC Map DB » Wanted HL

The campaign has now been converted to SC

Re: Wanted HL by OuterbeastOuterbeast, 20 May 2021 14:19
Great time.
StructiveStructive 19 May 2021 22:23
in discussion / Map Comments » Zelda OOT Conversion

"It will be fun the first time you play through, but once you reach the end you’ll probably feel like you’ve had enough."

That could not be more wrong, My friends and I were waiting for the next map to load but were saddened to see it didn't exist.

At least we have the first two maps you made and that's enough for me to say Thank You, they gave us a bit of fun when we couldn't hang out in person due to quarantine.

Great time. by StructiveStructive, 19 May 2021 22:23

Very good map many fun times shooting green men as green men. 5/5 Haggis would eat again.

Verry Good 5 out of 5 Haggis by DarekStarDarekStar, 18 May 2021 20:09
Excellent! A lot of fun.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 18 May 2021 13:26
in discussion / Map Comments » Horde '22

A really good remake of the original, much more fun to play though due to the intelligent use of random events and the addition of ally support for SP, which makes it great for any number of players.
Unlike the original map, which had a fixed 45 minute duration, this version has the option to escape after wave 10, or you can hang around mashing monsters if you choose.
There's additional weapons hidden away in a variety of locations which are randomly accessible, along with ammo and armor.
So many things change each map iteration that it never gets dull, you're always on your toes trying to work out what happened and where, whilst dodging attacks from all directions including the sky!

Very nice design, a lot of thought and effort went into it and the result is a great little map, good job!

Excellent! A lot of fun. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 18 May 2021 13:26
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