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Member of Indulgence Inc.

Sven Co-op Maps Created

Face | Originally called Face2. After showing CryoKeen a prefab of a Face that I made all you did in it was break it into pieces he wanted a Face2. Face2 was made in one day on New Year's Eve with 4 Beta versions, I finally released a final version and renamed it to just Face.
Train Racing | A remake of a map I made a long time ago when waiting for DoD Beta 1 to come out.
The Room *DEMO* | A remake of Cocyx-The-Skeleton's original map.

Sven Co-op Maps Contributed on

Keen Birthday | Created the large arena boss fight area, also made the grill. Both of these have been modified by CryoKeen to fit with the theme of the map.
Keen Halloween | Created the Haunted House layout, look and theme. Creaking floor sounds, paintings and the 'go up' texture by Cocyx-The-Skeleton also the picking up keys to proceed idea was his. Also Created the Candy Boxing Factory this part was going to feature a KZ climbing secret by Cocyx-The-Skeleton but was never finished instead just added a spinning Indulgence Inc logo.

Maps Converted to Sven Co-op

Earthquake Test Center II | The Sven Co-op 5.0 version of Earthquake Test Center II.

Sven Co-op Maps In Development

End Of The World | On hold until Greendale is done.
Greendale | Illusion has taken over this project, and is doing a really great job so far.

Sven Co-op Maps Scrapped

The Room | A remake of Cocyx-The-Skeleton's original map.

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