Sven Co-op Maps Created

Half-Life Lobby (Requested)
Rust (map lobby) (Requested)
They Hunger Lobby (Requested)
Red Death (Requested, let's say)
Dark Crossfire (Personal project, a part of a mod)

Contributions (in any way)

Base Attack (Testing)
Half-Life: Echoes (Testing)
E. T. F. (Testing)
Instinct (Testing)
Ragemap 2019 (Creator of the one part, Optimizations on the A map)
RC's Labyrinth (Testing)
RC's Tower Defense (Testing, Compile and a Video)
SA13 (Testing)
Tunnel Vision (Testing)
Ultimate Attack (Testing)
Opposing Force: Under the Black Moon (Testing)
Dynamic Mapvote (5.21 recompile and optimizations)
SecretCity (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 2 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 3 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 4 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 5 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 6 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity Keen (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity Keen 2 (Ripent Testing)
Die (Ripent Testing)
Fracture (Ripent Testing, small sound optimizations)

Sven Co-op Maps in Development


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