SecretCity Saga

SecretCity Saga

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Maps by Turrican
Pack released by Garompa
Date of release September 13, 2021


This is a mappack containing ALL of Turrican's Secret City series maps FIXED and WORKING with proper endings ready for hosting on any server, ALSO including Die, Fracture, SecretCityX and a community remade map of the unreleased and lost RedWorld, now called RedDeath. Meaning the entire saga is complete!

All of them have been ripented fully to accomodate easier secret finding for the common server gameplay, a trapping background story, references of many kinds, actual changelevels between maps, actual endings to the maps and to the entire series as well (with exception of reddeath which has been made from scratch by Outerbeast and AlexCorruptor, and ripented by Garompa).

The version inside this mappack is version 2 of the ripents/remasters of the maps, that contain a HUGE amount of fixes and modifications, that have been approved by the author Turrican himself, so you could take this as the best version of Secret City that also gets close to the official intentions and ideas.

You find yourselves in a strange dimension full of traps and secrets. You must find clues as to where you are and how to get out.

Turrican has explained that they used a ship to reach places never reached before by mankind for what it seems was an interdimensional manhunt. But upon returning they brought back something, the entire city warped back in pieces to somewhere unknown, where laws of physics, space and time don't work the same way. And worse is that now they are being hunted by that something.
Your mission is to find Turrican and help him fix this disaster before it is too late.

Dr. Walter once found a way through Xen and into a dimension where there was nothing. Or so he thought. Walter came back but during his time in the nothing dimension he unknowingly became its God, creating a being in his image after he saw his own reflection on his wristwatch while waiting for teleport back to Earth. This clone only knew to do the same. And so another clone was created. And this one made another… and it repeated until the nothing dimension was later known as… the Walter dimension!

Turrican made use of the Walters as unreliable, expendable, unlimited workers on his extradimensional routines. Now after the redmetal catastrophe, the city was overrun and wiped out by his Walters coming from the sealed Walterhouse workshop next to his lab, and the mysterious shadow people.
Try to guess where you are now… Trapped inside this warped Walterhouse you will have to use your respawning powers to push forward while something keeps telling you to… JUST DIE. Because you just won't.

As the redmetal grows around the city, pieces of it are falling to the abyss below!
Saved by just a step, most of the city falls to the nether taking the Walterhouse with it.
Turrican and his team are supposed to be nearby. You must help them fix the ship to get out of this dimension.
But after finding Turrican and the ship, things look a bit… off.

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