Author Ronen Basch
Original mod release 2000
Date of release March 23, 2020
Sven Co-op Conversion Xada
Last update v104
.bsp filename Zubben-Zubben7


You probably have guessed it already, but the U.S.S. Arizona is not a research vessel and these are not scientists on-board. Whatever the research team on ZUBBEN discovered, the earth government is going to do everything in its power to keep anyone else from knowing about it, even if it means killing everyone.
You are Gordon Freeman JR., A research assistant and a junior administrator on the ZUBBEN ground base. You give the orders to wake you up as soon as the U.S.S. Arizona enters ZUBBEN's atmosphere and then you step into the cryo chamber, not knowing that this is going to be your last peaceful sleep for a very VERY long time.
Objective: After the Arizona lands and all hell breaks loose, try to get to the communication tower which is located outside of the base perimeter. The transmitters on top of the tower should give you enough juice to call for the science ship currently orbiting ZUBBEN.

Additional info

This is an old HL1SP campaign I ported to Sven using RIPENT mostly. I added some new additions to highlight the Sci-Fi theme and rebalanced it around Sven mechanics otherwise it was ridiculously easy in co-op.
If anything is broken please let me know and I will repack the maps accordingly.

These maps are also centered and balanced from survival and it is supported even if not -technically- implemented. May add this in CFG later depending on feedback, though I did not want to force it on anyone and it is easy enough to enable yourself on servers.

Additional credits

Port to Sven by Xada
Credits.txt inside with specific additional content credits



2020 conversion

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