ZS-Lost City

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Author: [HLO]Dr.Hunter mapper: Nexon - Editor: [HLO]Dr.Hunter]
Version: v0.5 VERSION AND DATE. Example: *Unfinal* - March 1, 2009
zs_lost_city_cso.bsp ZS Lost City


Thank's for map - models - sound by Nexon
Map Edited and added custom weapons by [HLO]Dr.Hunter

Next time coming map is zs_doublegate.

Additional info


Panic zombie in monster_zombie
MP5-S in weapon_9mmar
XM1014-S in weapon_shotgun
M4A1 Balrog-PB in weapon_m16a1
Balrog-1 Reskin in weapon_9mmhandgun
M950+8 in weapon_desert_eagle
Strong Knife Balrog in weapon_crowbar
Skull-9 Bloody in weapon_pipewrench
Skull-5 Balrog in weapon_sniperrifle

Added stuff map in:

Monster's spawn points
Config set monster_zombie main skin to Panic zombie skin
Weapons set to custom weapons skin

Additional credits

Nexon - [HLO]Dr.Hunter


v0.5 - Panic zombie model fixed

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