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Author c_cat09
Date of release Final - July 11, 2017
.bsp filename ZombieLand


Zombie survival map, survive 30 minutes while running around collecting items and obtain highest score without dying
Added more

First map I made

Additional info

Updated version 2
I recommend deleting the previous zombieland files in your map directory and replacing it with the updated version so it can run
and be compatible with other servers using the updated version

version 2
Updated version
New textures
New npcs, added more respawnable entities and gonomes.
reduced the health of gargaunta
added more accessible ammo
added grenades
adjusted wall thickness
2nd version (probably final version too)

Version 2.1
changed direction of female assassin is facing when spawned
added hidden weapon

Additional credits

Gigabyte for tips on increasing map performance



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