Zombie Grunt Hunt

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Author goanna
Date of release Final - January 13, 2006
.bsp filename zombie_grunt_hunt, zombie_grunt_hunt_2


Several squads of the clone experiments managed to escape destruction in your last mission. So now a team is being sent in to this location for eradication. This time we must get them all. Be careful! There have been reports of large dangerous insects inhabiting the caverns. The zombies have super strength and can kill you with one hit.


  1. Find and destroy ALL zombie grunts. If you miss even one the door will not open to next area.
  2. Destroy any zombies you come in contact with. This isn't necessary but can be quite satisfying.


  • The train is designed to return if you fall off or are removed by the opposition.
  • Even at top speed the train can be jumped and control regained.
  • Shoot signs to open railway.

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Additional credits


Neil Manke

Model credits

Baby Voltigore replacement (SST Bugs) by Nightwolf63
Zombie_grunt by -Rusty-
Running zombie_r2 by -Rusty-
Running zombie_r2 Animations by -ZAF
Zombies 1,2,3,& 5 by -Rusty-
Runnig zombie by -Rusty-
Alien Grunt by -Ambient.Impact
Scorpion-(headcrab) by -Ambient.Impact
Rocks by -DoenerKing
Pissior (urinal) by -DoenerKing
Toilet by -Xenon
Xen_treebark by -Xenon

Sound credits

Revil-1 music from RE maps.
zombieattack2.wav (modified by goanna)

Beta testers

PTSD/Stoked, Nih, and a special thanks to Archanor.



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