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Author Keen
Date of release Jan/Feb 2017
.bsp filename xj572


Planet XJ-573, a relay station for the Sven Co-op Multiplayer Signal, is under attack by heretics. You must purge or convert them and regain access to the relay station through the decaying city. The surface is toxic make sure to Recharge on Meme's before dropping from the ship and regaining control of the station. Good luck.

There are over 1097 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2.3 / 5

2002 difficulty:easy fun size:small


0 / 5

2002 difficulty:easy escape official official-screlease rcbot size:medium

0-re2minigame _top.jpg

0 / 5

2004 horde walkthrough zombies


4 / 5

2008 co-oprequired fun puzzle


0 / 5

2008 needs-dl needs-info walkthrough

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