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Author TheAmateur
Date of release beta 1 - May 22, 2010
Filename sc_xenhq1


Sry the bad map(if). I just started mapping,first map and give feedback pls :(. Any bugs pls report to me.

Additional info

Doors are breakable. 2nd last door is explosive, keep away. The breakable floor is to keep away enemies. The end is the place that has many doors.
If the game doesn't end there, pls report. Fixed link. HQ(2) go to the left to start the mission. 3rd is last, held in planet's core therefore, higher gravity than usual.

Additional credits





Game Developers

Square Enix (Music and Characters, but not the models)


HQ(1) 1.0b
-Beta version.

HQ(1) 1.01b
-Added a wall in spawn room
-Added Torch Grunt and Medic allies in spawn room
-Changed breakable floor (Some are not breakable)
-Added ladder underneath the breakable floor
-Reduced Barrel explosion magnitude by 50%
-Fixed ichthyosaur spawn points
-Added bullchicken in weapon room and boss room.

HQ(1) 1.03b
-Working doors in spawn room and weapon room.
-Changed name and health for Tor (Guardian, 9000)

HQ(1) 1.05
-Added unfinished puzzle room.
-Changed the speed and the sound of the last door.
-Removed all the monsters in the boss room except for tor
-Added Guardian's assistance
-Added m249 and its ammo somewhere but i dont know where :( (Lies)
-Puzzle room rewards
-Fixed AAATRIGGER blocking the way + supposed to be a function for message.
-Added health charger outside spawn room.
-Added bed for cover.

HQ(1) 1.06
-Added music
-Added trigger_changelevel
-Added nothing else :)

HQ(1) 1.06.1
-Fixed door

HQ(1) 1.07
-Fixed game_end

HQ(1) 1.08
-Added retinal scanner outside the doors
-Removed messages
-Changed spawn point
-Added more (well i don't know), find out yourself.
-Added intruder alert sound
-Removed a wall
-Guardian have to be killed first before complete
-Changed fridge (health charger) to the real health charger.

HQ(1) 1.09
-Fixed leaks and added lights
-Justified textures
-Changed info_player_start to info_player_deathmatch
-Changed water to elevator
-Added a new room in case the doors won't open.
-Added an alarm in a new room
-Added webs around tors
-Added 3 buttons to control the elevator.
-The metalrust door will stay open

HQ(1) 1.10
-Added superhuman
-Removed some items
-Changed dead barney to dead human grunt
-Changed torch grunt and medic health and name
-Added xen maker
-Deleted walls at boss room (Bad surface extend)
-Removed game_end

(1) Lightings not yet fixed

HQ(2) 1.08b
-Added Planet's Core Guardian(Tor - Enemy) and Planet's Core Destroyer(Gargantua - Ally)
-Changed gravity to 80 to match with real XEN
-Changed some of textures
-Added m249, sniper rifle and "I am Heavy Weapons Guy..(Ally)" in a secret room.
-Removed ladders as it does not needed because of gravity
-Start armor is 200
-Start health is 150

HQ(2) 1.09
-Added trigger_changelevel

HQ(2) 1.1
-Fixed game_end

(2) Working on this update

HQ(3) 2.7
-Removed a lot of things.
-Changed the rock's position
-Teams are now have to rely on their teammates.
-Removed nihilanth (Jenova.BIRTH) as it did not spawn where it supposed to be.
-Added Genesis, Genesis Fan #1 and #2.
-Removed 2 songs.
-Changed Sephiroth's spawn position.
-Changed medkit to batteries. Medkits are now on the lower floor.
-Stripped guns and realistic health to match with the accident
-Added core to be destroyed (Not tested yet)
-Changed alien slaves to shock troopers
-Changed Sephiroth's health 10000 to 10200
-Fixed doors not opening
-Slightly increased the doors speed
-Removed door and the button leading to the outside world (Unfinished).
-Removed acid and floods again leading to the outside world.

HQ(3) 2.8
-Fixed music not starting
-Fixed water not showing up
-Fixed core not spawning

HQ(3) 2.8.1
-Added a new floor
-Fixed backup not spawning
-Added Angeal(Ally) and he is attacking Genesis.
-Added Ex-Shinra Soldier(Ally)
-Added 3 Shinra Troop # (Enemies)

HQ(3) 2.8.5
-New messages
-decreased genesis health
-decreased gravity to 805
-increased core's health
-start armor 0
-increased health by 7

HQ(3) 3.0
-Lights but not working.
-Removed some items
-Added alternate song
-Changed sephiroth health
-Added backup
-1 by 1 mission
-Rotated a floor
-Fixed medkit not spawning
-Increased door speed
-Added random items
-Justified textures

Bugs : Disappearing walls

Working on:
-xenhq2 (Allocblock : full) help!
-lights and leak fixes for hq3

Suggestions pls

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