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Author Paul Shuttle
Date of release Final - December 21, 2001 (SC 2.0B)
.bsp filename wired


Word has reached the remaining survivors of the Black Mesa Disaster that an elite group of special forces have been sent it to tie up all the loose ends - Alien or otherwise.

Sweeping the facility, cleansing every nook and cranny, these special forces have been ordered to shoot on sight - No questions asked; no-one to remain standing to tell the world of what went on.

With time not on your side, you break into a small ammo hold, load up and ship out - This is going to be one hell of a day.

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There are over 1125 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


4 / 5

2016 2017 fun hidden lounge music relax secrets


1.3 / 5

2011 difficulty:hard rescue size:medium


3.8 / 5

2006 2008 april-fools boms boss horde official rcbot svencoop4


1 / 5

2005 difficulty:medium needs-dl needs-info size:medium walkthrough


3 / 5

2012 co-oprequired fun horde scary skills

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