Warning City: The Salvation

Warning City: The Salvation

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Author nleandro, WhyConsd
Date of release July 24, 2014
.bsp filename sc_fuga , warningcitymulp , warningcity2mulp , warningcity3mulp , warninc , llampyalto , dejabu


Getaway (sc_fuga)
Escape from jail before the aliens come to Earth
Created by Nleandro (Nieto Leandro). Tested by Sofia Nieto (my sister). This map is about a jailbreak. Gather all the weapons that you can. You will have to fight against several grunts without any ally. You will be fighting against two Apaches, kill the black Apache to be able to continue and afterwards Voltigores with their babies.

Warning City (warningcitymulp, warningcity2mulp, warningcity3mulp)
After the mysterious tetransportation, we are now in an unkown city. This city was attacked by aliens (headcrabs, gargantua, shock troopers, etc). The population suffered a metamorphosis by HeadCrabs (the police and military as well). Others suffered a special mutation (gonomes).
These 3 maps are the continuation of map 'sc_fuga'.

The Salvation (warningc, llampyalto, dejabu)
After leaving the mysterious city, the escape train crashed and you are aground in another city, but this one is the most infected city in the world. It's like another Warning City but much more dangerous.
These maps are sequel of maps Warning City and map sc_fuga.

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"These map series made by nleandro are divided in three parts. Three different mappacks. Each part is a sequel but he didn't update the other parts to continue on the next, nor he repacked all maps into one single file. I took the time to make this happen and connect all maps together, and also translate it to english for the enjoyment of everyone."
- Garompa



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