VGer 2: The Lost Sequel

VGer 2: The Lost Sequel

Author Viger
Date of release Alpha - July 2003
.bsp filename vger2alpha


0800: March 7, 2037

You braved squads of Rebels, hordes of aliens, and a robobotic army, only to fail to cut the head off of the snake. VGer has escaped by uploading his main program to Viking ship in orbit. The place shakes, a cool voice utters the words, "All personal, please vacate the facility immediately." Patching your wounds and gathering ammo from your deceased comrades, you prepare to enter Hell's Kitchen. Screw VGer, screw the rebels, and screw the aliens to hell, all your concern is now getting out of this bloody deathtrap alive.

Additional info

  • Preceded by VGer.
  • Download the Enuze's ripent. This is a private server not only a public server of course.

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Please see âöéíé¬éáé-éñ.txt if you don't understand language or meaning text.


2003 size:large walkthrough

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