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Author Nih
Date of release Beta 1 v2 - July 13, 2004
Beta 1 v1 - July 12, 2004
.bsp filename underground


You and your friends have been drinking and you end up in some sewers in some country.
You and friends suddenly get attacked by some soldiers. With guns.
You decide to kill them. With guns.


  • Your guns are located behind the first pillar.
  • Hide in the water! You can sneak past the first group of grunts without taking damage.
  • There are two ways to get up to the grunts. Through some kind of vent thing, or by the use of ropes.
  • Some of the weapons have increased damage.

Additional info

  • 3-4 players recommended. No more than 7.
  • Map uses custom textures, sounds, and a custom HW grunt model (HW gman).
  • This is Nih's first ever released map.

Known bugs

  • The door to the armory gets stuck sometimes… If you keep fooling around with it, it eventually opens.
  • There are two odd looking black spots in the sewers (RAD error).
  • There's a bug in the Half-Life engine that makes all water fully lit. The map fixes this, but it won't move like normal water, and your flashlight doesn't work on it unless you aim it at something else near the water.

Additional credits

Dr. Zero - (hwgman model)
Chad Strawinski - (toilet prefab)
prion - (bathroom sink prefab)
evil lair, Painter, Barking Dog, and the Desert Crisis team - (textures)


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