Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Author Dr. Orange
Original mod release Nov 22, 2018
Date of release May 18, 2019
.bsp filename tunnelvision_* (6 maps)


A Campaign made by Dr. Orange- a brilliant classic Half-Life styled campaign with many features of wonderful level design and aesthetics that make it a very enjoyable nostalgic experience, each level having its own unique characteristic that make the level progression truly worthwhile. An excellent throwback to what players enjoy most about Half-Life.

First place winner of TWHL competition 35, Half-Life 20th Anniversary: Vanilla Half-Life- now ported to Sven Co-op


HECU forces have launched a full-on assault on the Lambda Reactor Complex and the SC Team has been sent in to control the imminent attack.
Your objective is simple: arm yourself and fight your way to the sector before the HECU get there first!

Additional info

This is a Sven Co-op conversion of the original Half Life mod- certain things had to be changed in order to be suitable for co-operative play: enemies are more challenging, have varied weaponry and slightly extended player arsenal.

Known Issues

  • tunnelvision_5: Alien Grunts often fall off the ledge and into the toxic waste pit below, making it very difficult to kill them. Requires a func_monsterclip to block them.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion

Special thanks to GeckoN



2018 black-mesa conversion featured size:large survival walkthrough

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