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Author Keen
Date of release Final - Friday, December 10, 1999
.bsp filename Tunnel


You spawn near an opening to an underground cave, if you wait a couple of minutes a barney spawns near the ladder. You explore the underground area attacking zombies that come out of the wall and other monsters. Finding a teleporter to the end you teleport to a chamber with a garg in it. Once the garg is killed you run into a hole in the wall and complete the map. A very short, basic map one of Keen's first.

Additional info

  • Be careful there are traps near some of the weapons. And one of them has a hidden exit near the wall.
  • If you hug the walls you will sometimes fall into a hidden compartment with additional ammo.
  • There is also a hidden uranium ammo to the right of the floor in the garg area in the water. Look at the pics for info where.
  • This is the second of very few maps Keen completed and released on the Sven Co-op website 8 or 9 years ago.

Additional credits


All the people I forgot (sorry :()



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