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Author Keen
Date of release Alpha 1 - April 13, 2007
.bsp filename tritonbeta


This map is a linear map with monsters and some human grunts, set in a complex deep under the frosty crust of the moon Triton orbiting Neptune.

Additional info

  • There is a laser beam about half way through the map that will gib you if you don't have 100% HEV and 100% health.
  • There is a trigger that sets the 2nd set of info_player_deathmatch respawn points so once you get through the beam and hit that trigger then 95% of the time you will respawn AFTER the beam of death and be fine. For some reason 5% of the time you respawn at the old spawn point.
  • The map doesn't have a proper ending yet. It's over once you reach the rusty vents and kill the zombies.

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