Author RaptorSKA
Released v1 - December 24, 2019
.bsp filename sc_toysoldiers


Toysoldiers is a Ratz styled map were you play as a heroic green Army man fighting to take control of the bedroom after the family locked your toybox in the attic! Unfortunately tan forces siezed this moment to take over the bedroom and capture all green Army locations! it's time to fight back and capture the bedroom from them and claim it back for the green Army!

Additional info

Weapons and Eastereggs have been hidden around the map, if you explore you'll be rewarded!

Installation Info

Download the zip archive and extract/copy all of the contents into your svencoop_addon folder, where they will merge with the existing folders of the same names.

If you want to use the low definiton models, download both and LD Extract and install Toysoldiers FIRST, then afterwards extract/copy the contents of LD into your svencoop_addon folder as well. In the file copy/merge dialogue choose Yes to over-write all files. (The low definition models could improve fps on weak PCs, and might be more suitable for servers without Fast D/L.)

Additional credits

All members of the Svencoop Mapping section on discord, especially Sparks, H2 and Trempler who helped me on multiple occasions and helped get the map to the quality it is today!
Community fixes - Sparks, SC_Dynamite



2019 custommodels difficulty:hard rats size:large total-conversion walkthrough war

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