Tower Defense

Tower Defense

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Author Protector
Date of release Final - November 12, 2006
.bsp filename sc_towerdefense


This map is a 2 player co-operative map. You have to create at least 12 slots on a server to avoid crashes. I recommend using 24 or more slots.

You have to build towers to stop creatures from escaping.

Controls are as follows:
move for, back: select towerpad
move right, left: select tower
jump: build tower
fire: give 1 credit to other player
use: toggle camera

Please note that this map is only in beta-status. Report any bug to Protector or any other MoN-responsible.

This map belongs to MoN.

Additional info

Sven Co-op: Towerdefense - Map by Max 'Protector' Vollmer (Beta)

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