The Swamp

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Author Hunter Alpha
Date of release Final - October 28, 2002
.bsp filename swamp_HA


You are part of an elite assassination squad and you must find a traitors hideout in the swamp and kill him. You must then wait for three minutes for reinforcements to arrive before you can leave.


  • The enemy will be wearing night gear so keep sharp.
  • They have many weapons at their disposal including anti-personel mines, sentry turrets and electric fences.
  • When dealing with electric fences look for the power source.
  • There are two outposts that will have extra ammo so seek them out.
  • There have been rumors of abandoned baby Gargantuas in the area.

Additional info

  • Recommended players: 2-9
  • There are three respawn areas : The start, the second outpost and the lodge at the end.
  • There is one secret to the level (hint : It's marked by bloody hand prints.)

Additional credits

Valve & Sierra - (For Half-life & Worldcraft Hammer)
The Svencoop Team - (For svencoop)
Nerf Dermer - (For helping me beta test)



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