The Mustard Factory

The Mustard Factory

Author Nih
Date of release Not yet released
.bsp filename mustard


  1. Setting: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mixed with H.P. Lovecraft. In an alternate version of the 1920's, a Willy Wonka type person has hired the players to run his mustard factory.
  2. The goal/winning condition of the map is to produce a set quantity of mustard barrels.
  3. Players produce mustard by following a chain of production steps: 1. Grind the mustards. 2. Mix ingredients. 3. Pack the barrels.
  4. Running each machine (3-6 grinders, 3-6 mixers, and 1 packing machine) is a simple two step process: Add an input then press a button. Each machine takes 3-5 minutes to finish, so they mostly run in the background.
  5. There will be "Panic Events", where the factory is sabotaged, which the players must then repair. Enemies arrive in these events.
  6. Rifts are opening between another world and ours, through which dangerous creatures are entering. This provides the lose condition: If the rifts becomes too many, the players lose. Players must close the rifts.
  7. In short, players must juggle between three tasks: Running the factory, repairing the machines, and closing rifts.
  8. The map is huge and completely non-linear. My main challenge will be to ensure players can navigate the map. Instructional signs, frequent direction-giving by the factory owner, and color-coded sectors will help.
  9. The map will have secrets. Hopefully many, of varying hiddeness.

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