The Mansion and Tower of Babel

The Mansion and Tower of Babel

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Author Hunter Alpha
Date of release Final - May 8, 2005
.bsp filename mansion_ha, tob_ha


Remake of a Doom map. It's got lots of action and a few puzzle elements. The map is divided into two parts:

The Mansion

After being chased by a horde of monstrous freaks you and your team take refuge in an abandoned mansion, but something about thisplace is not quite right.


  • All doors/buttons have to be +used.
  • There are several secrets in the map. Some are obvious and others are hidden.
  • If you're stuck look for buttons in dark rooms.

Tower of Babel

After finding a portal in the attic of the mansion you and your team have found yourselves inside an ancient tower.

Additional info

  • 2-6 players recommended.
  • Map uses custom textures (from Deathmatch Classic) to give it more of a Doom feel.

Additional credits

Deathmatch Classic - (textures)



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