The Infected





The Infected

Author Neclipse
Original mod release 07 June, 2020
Date of release 09 September, 2020
.bsp filename n0a0 (+ 32 more)


Step into the shoes of Gerald Backman, an engineer commissioned to the Black Mesa Research facility to perform some repairs on their communications systems.
As he begins his day of work, things go awry because of the resonance cascade incident - as they do in usual fashion - and finds himself in the midst of this catastrophe.
Now left to his own devices, he must traverse a crumbling Black Mesa facility lousy with infected staff members and government agents, and to top it all off, otherworldy denizens of another dimension.

Will he make it out alive?

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Known Issues

  • Some maps take long to load- this is due to the game taking a long time building the nodegraph because of the overabundance of info_nodes placed in the maps. This will be dealt with in a future update. Note: if you are playing in a local server and it appears the game freezes, just wait and the game will eventually load (it hasn't broken the game)
  • map n1a0 has severe negative impact on performance and is likely due to poor optimisation

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion by Outerbeast

Special thanks to:

  • Garompa- Gus viewmodels and poster design
  • w00tguy- bspguy bsp editing tool and tripmine anti-troll script
  • _RC for map save script
  • Gauna, kmkz and SV BOY for playtesting
  • AlexCorruptor for mapping support




2020 black-mesa conversion featured series size:large survival walkthrough

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