The House Of Secrets

The House Of Secrets

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Author Zolleriux
Date of release 26 March 2008
.bsp filename the_house_of_secrets


  • You're in a house full of secrets, that means you must find secret doors, buttons, triggers and many more. Get out from the big house, alive!
  • You will get into 10 rooms, 1 of them, is not funny to get into…

Additional info


  • Dont get into portal at the same time as other players!
  • When you're in surf room, change you're sv_airaccelerate to 100. When you're surfing, get on the "wave", and start strafe to the middle of the "wave". Then you will get speed.

I think most credits go to Turrican, because I started to build this map after I
was playing his map Secretcity all the time, very nice map.

the_house_of_secrets2 is under development!

Additional credits

Thanks to…

  • Zolleriux, for ideas and the whole map.
  • Turrican, for his ideas from "secretcity" maps.


  • Sven Co-op team, for the best HL mod ever!



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