The Evasion





The Evasion

Author Forsete
Original mod release 4 January, 2013
Date of release 9 May, 2020
.bsp filename evasion1 (+ 5 maps)


Playing as Adrian Shephard set shortly after the nuclear bomb that devastated the Black Mesa Research Facility.
You find yourself on a Xen “island” being kept out of harms way.
Fortunately, you have managed to contact a scientist back on Earth and he can help you return.
Whether that’s a good thing only time will tell!

Additional info

The maps have been adapted for multiplayer by an increased number of enemies and enemy spawns and minor puzzles that require some exploration. This is to make the maps slightly more challenging and lengthy for a more enriched experience.

Known Issues

  • evasion1: The intro cutscene features boids (monster_flyer_flock) which do not currently work for Sven Co-op- they are otherwise missing
  • evasion4: There is a section near the valve in the underwater area where there is no water
  • evasion5: headcrabs in the vent section at the start cannot damage the player and trigger does not work because the players spawn nonsolid, which was done to prevent blocking;the off-screen event involving a scientist being killed has been disabled- this is due to it being seen by another player in Sven Co-op. This event will be reworked in a future update

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion by Outerbeast
Special thanks to:

  • Neo and KernCore for scripting help
  • _RC for the force respawning script "player_respawn_zone_as"
  • AlexCorruptor, _RC, Dynamite and kmkz for playtesting and support




2020 black-mesa conversion escape size:medium survival xen

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