The Dust

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Author BlackShadow
Date of release Version - May 13, 2016
.bsp filename The_Dust


Okay everyone! I finally finished my mapping project after a long time period and it's here now. I'll cut the introduction really fast and lets get to the map!

Summary of Map:

It's a map that combined version of Dust and Dust II with CS Weapons. You'll plant bombs to bombsites and kill the enemies with your team mates.
I don't like really spoil the map, so it'll be more better if you play by yourself!

Additional info

Develop Time: 2.5 Months
Supportted versions of SC: 5.0


Q: Where do i install this map?
A: Map files goes to your "svencoop_addon" or "svencoop_downloads" folder.

Q: I found a bug/exploit on map. What should i do?
A: Great! Please send PM or post below on this thread.

Q: Can i run this lower versions of SvenCoop, like 4.8 or 3.0 ?
A: Sadly, no. This map uses AngelScript and lower versions doesn't support it.

Q: Do i need own Counter-Strike in Steam?
A: No, you don't need Counter-Strike.

A Small Warning to SCXPM Servers: This map's last part can cause a little XP Whoring, so i don't really recommend to install it. If a player completes map hisself/herself gets 1200 score. So yeah map has a bit XP Whoring part. I tried to fix this but ended up failing. Sorry. But of course you can avoid this warning and test by yourself.

Additional credits

Feedbacks are going to:

Solokiller - Thanks to him big time! He helped so much to this project.
S.H Lynx

If i forgot a name, forgive me. Please comment your name i'll add it right away.



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