The Climb 3

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Author Joe^vi[.r!], ported by AdamR
Date of release Final - January 1, 2019
.bsp filename the-climb3


Welcome to my 3rd climb map, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Additional info

Originally a custom map for Team Fortress Classic available here:


  • There are no checkpoints! If you fall off you have to climb back up. (Though you do at least get progress messages along your way.)
  • This is an EXTREMELY HARD challenge, and will stress test your ability to manoeuvre in the GoldSrc/Svengine game engine to the very maximum. Expect your first attempt to take at least 2-3 hours. (Hardest of the 3 maps…hugely!)
  • Many jumps will require the strafe jumping technique in straight, curved, and wiggly methods.
  • The rage shortcuts may not be possible at all alone! Best to avoid them for your first run. (Reward is cutting from 45% to 80% distance but probably costs you 10x the time.)
  • You may want (or ask the server owner) to enable Sven Co-op's Teleport plug-in so you can save your position by saying "/s", and restore it by saying "/p" when (not if) you fall.
  • If you do use "/p" while falling you will still fall after restoring, thus you will likely be killed. Wait until you stop falling first.
  • Fall damage is will hurt you badly. Please heal other players when they're hurt.
  • Press +use (usually "E") to instantly stop moving when you land on something.
  • Please be patient of players in front of you. This isn't a race, so don't try to push past causing others fall off.
  • Although this map may seem impossible throughout it HAS been tested to completion by 3 people. It's just extremely hard.

Differences from the original map:

  • Medkits added at the very start so should you fall (and not die) you can begin again with full health. (Probably pointless.)
  • Medkits have been added throughout where you will likely need them the most rather than the laggy constant "global heal" approach.
  • The waterfall push force has been reduced by 4.1% so the two jumps through it work with TFC/SC physics differences.
  • A portal has been added at the end to give you points and let you run through the map again.

If you can beat this map (legitimately, no cheating, etc) you can call yourself really very dexterous indeed on this game engine. (You will also score 10 points for each completion.) — Very well done to you if you have done this.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Adam "Adambean" Reece

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