TB Mesa

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Author TheBard
Date of release v1 - May 9, 2006 to June 18, 2006
.bsp filename tb_mesa1r, tb_mesa2, tb_mesa3, tb_mesa4, tb_mesa5, tb_mesa6


Incoming transmission.
Good morning commander hope your well rested.
Hostile forces have taken over part of the Black Mesa facility.
Go in assess the situation and sort it out.
Ps. the internal security has been activated you have to knock it out as you go.

Additional info

  • 6 part series
  • 6+ players recommended. Can handle up to 16.
  • tb_mesaGold is currently in final testing (a complete rework of the whole series expanding it to 7 parts)

Additional credits

SnarkCafe - (testing)
Design ideas & map layout help from Jazzman
Mapping tips & technical help from Cold_Blooded_Killa & MaDmAn


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