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Author Lymphoid
Date of release v1 - 2003
.bsp filename sventopia


Lymphoid made this map too be a sort of collection of all fun maps such as Carnival, Stadium, Funzone SC, and two old maps called Sciride and Zombie Town. He doesn't know what he was thinking when he made it because in some parts you have to kill yourself in order to return the beginning. Sventopia was meant for older versions of Sven Co-op because the Barneys in the Barney ride became enemies thus defeating the purpose of riding on the Barney's heads. Instead, they just shoot you. Also, in SC 3.0, players are unable to zoom in using the .357 which defeats the purpose of the target range.

There is also a semi-difficult secret, which lies hidden in the map. If you destroy one of the windows in the bridge in zombie town, you can enter the bridge and there you find a button. Press it to open the air duct in the petting zoo. Continue through the bridge and you will be transported to the electric arena. One of the metal grates is destructible so you can go through and re-enter the zone-selection room. Go to the petting zoo and go through the air duct and you will transported to the secret zone. Lymphoid has also hidden some assault rifle grenades in the scientist slaughter house.

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