SvenCoop RPG 3

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Author DeathBog
Date of release v2 - December 24, 2008 (Classic Map Pack)
v1 - September 15, 2002 (SC 2.0F)
.bsp filename svencooprpg3


You approach Grylion's abominable visage. The lord of Caligation, Corrosion, and Corruption's vile stench exudes an aura of malefic malfeasance. Grylion stands between you and the liberation of Giram; slay the monstrosity, garner wealth unimaginable, and once again liberate the legendary Sword of Sarticulus.

You may now choose a player class. Each must be used in concert to defeat the evil hordes. If melee carnage and baths in blood are your cup o' tea, choose the Warrior. If you prefer to slay your enemies from afar with well-aimed missiles, choose the Archer. Those with interest in the arcane and application of the magic arts should choose the Wizard. If there is a philanthropist in your soul, and you desire only to heal your comrades, choose the Cleric…

Good luck.

Additional info

  • Recommended players: 3-12
  • All models, textures, and ideas used in this map are free to use in your own Worldcraftian creations!
  • Included in the Classic Map Pack.

Additional credits

Dead Man Walking and Shaithis - (textures)
Another1_Real, NivekDev, and Mark - (gamerules entity suite)
Law Enforcer - (Flintlock pistol model)
Chalupamonk - (skybox textures)



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