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Author Sven Viking
Date of release v7 - September 2, 2010 (SC4.5)
v6 - December 24, 2008 (SC4.0B)
v5 - December 23, 2003 (SC 3.0)
v4 - September 15, 2002 (SC 2.0F)
v3 - December 21, 2001 (SC 2.0B)
v2 - July 7, 2000 (SC 1.3)
v1 - January 19, 1999 (SC .8B)
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To: @
From: admin @
Subject: Briefing - CMD|PRI=1&PAGE=1&ENCRYPT=1

The United States Government has recently gained possession of an object that could vastly benefit our cause. Our operatives have informed us of an opposing alien faction that has learned of the object's existence, and is planning a major assault on the installation where it is held.

As most of our associates are currently… occupied, we must rely on stealth (and the distraction caused by the rebel faction's attack). Your team will be deployed as close to the objective as possible, shortly before the enemy's assault is expected. You are to avoid attention, secure the objective, and await extraction. Other information you will need is attached. You must be in the deployment area by 14:26:00.

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There are over 1117 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2 / 5

2004 defense needs-dl


3 / 5

2010 contest difficulty:easy horde size:medium snow


3.5 / 5

2012 defense horde

0-svencoop 2016-05-06 21-35-49-95.png

3.4 / 5

2016 arena difficulty:hard horde laboratory losable size:large xen


3.5 / 5

2005 fun music puzzle size:large water

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