Sven Co-op Holiday Island

Sven Co-op Holiday Island

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Author Hezus
Date of release Final - November 4, 2005
.bsp filename holiday


Hezus' 2005 birthday map.

Have fun exploring the island and unlocking new buildings and areas.

The island contains :


  • Yacht (you'll arrive with this boat)


  • SnarkCafe (play pool or eat something)
  • Beach (beachvolley, swimming and music)


  • Pool (for swimming and diving)
  • Gamehall (you can play DonkeyKong, Pacman, Gamblingslots and Miniracecars!)
  • Disco (be the DJ, handle the lights or just dance around)
  • Rock Bar (drink a beer and listen to rock music)
  • Camera Station (watch all places on the Island from camera views)
  • Hotel (rent a room or chill out on the couch)

Have Fun !

Hint: If you do not know how to unlock certain areas, look into the holiday_readme.txt file.

Additional info

  • The map is built for a large amount of players, up to 32.
  • A Frogger game and other features were planned, but the map reached the engine limits.

Additional credits

ACDC - (sounds)
Ambient.Impact - (models)
arahu01 - (models)
Besli - (models)
Crista "CD Warrior" Forest - (textures)
Deepack - (sounds)
Ejay - (sounds)
Galaga - (sounds)
Goanna - (testing)
Gone Jackals - (sounds)
Grolsch - (sounds)
Kenny - (textures)
Marphy Black - (models)
Mike NRG - (sounds)
Nintendo - (sounds)
Poke646 mod - (textures)
Primal Scream - (sounds)
Rammstein - (sounds)
SiC - (models)
Sph!nx - (models)
Subsonic - (testing)
Toxic - (testing)



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