Surface Run
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Surface Run

Author noSICK
Date of release Conversion - November 5, 2021
Final - May 21, 2011
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Step into the shoes of the Sven Co-op team once again. You have infiltrated the base and killed the last of the guards you could find, but the bastard managed to close the door, trapping you inside the maintenance area full of aliens.
The enemy has let their experiments run lose and almost created a resonance cascade by activating the teleporter to bring back more aliens to stop you. That plan backfired though, and eventually the portal machine exploded with the whole room back to Xen.
Now you find youself trapped with no weapons and ammo left to finish the job and move forward. The mission is not over just yet, find what you need and run to the surface!

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"The scenario is simple: Save your own skin and get to the surface. Based in Black Mesa, you get to see a small part of the underground facility and even a quick trip to Xen, if you look in the right place." -noSICK

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2011 2021 conversion size:small walkthrough xen

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