Subway Train





Subway Train tt_boms.png

Author Dutchtux
Date of release Final - Late 2002
.bsp filename sc_subwaytrain


Some kind of story:
Well what you must do in this map is get to the osprey as fast as you can!

"You would think Black Mesa/On A Rail environments would be getting old, but not after playing this map. It's so well put together, allowing the game play to flow superbly. Architecture is solid, presenting appropriate and sleek looks constantly." -CreepsWorld

Additional info

Additional credits

  • Garompa (door fix)


(September 20, 2019) Uploaded a quick fixed version ( The map is now playable. The mappack version is still obsolete, use this one instead:

  • Its a ripent (no mismatch errors, full compatibility)
  • Fixes the door that does not open after killing the HWGrunt
  • Fixes the other triggers that should happen after that (a vox sentence and a text message)
  • Fixed scientist grunt displaynames (they were mistakenly using netname instead)
  • Fixed the cutscene at the end to play properly (previously it didn't)


2002 boms creepsworld-top50 escape rcbot size:medium walkthrough

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